• "this is super dope! Good stuff kayo! :)" -@PeanutbuttaThik
  • "Got this in the CD deck already #APEv2" - M. Johnson
  • "Finally a mixtape that conveys a message in the process. Very good project!!!" - Tony Blenman
  • "great album!! DOPE work bro!!!" -@WorkoutwithPercy
  • "Salute to the homey Kayo Bracey! I'm honored to be a part of this project. I have rapped alongside this man and prayed with a brother after the show with this man leading us in the prayer. He's definitely about what his says! Support the movement!!!!" -Shaun Woods"
  • "Great album bro I am putting it on the mp3 right now" -Zebulon Moore
  • "Dope music by the homie Kayo! Stream and download now!" -@dlpolite
  • "On behalf of The Composers, I just want to say we will forever support and be here for whatever you need especially if it has to do with building the Kingdom of God. Thanks for including us in this project. #AllPurpleEverything" -The Composers
  • "They move that dope but u move that hope brudda love the project in a whole theres not a bad song on here" -@TizofSpade